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"Fabulous 4"
We Affectionately Refer To It As "The FAB4" 
  • CRM: RVIP PROGRAM - Contact Relationship Management - Capture Client Information and follow-up with them
  • Social Media Management: Be Relevant, Be fun but be there. You need to manage it!
  • Reputation/Review Management - Control your customers experience and what and where they say it
  • Marketing Planning System - Marketing Discipline combined with easy content creation and ideas is the last piece to the puzzle. Our monthly Restaurant Marketing Planning System gives you detailed monthly planning tools, ideas, templates, and live coaching.
When you sign up for Restaurant VIP Program Rewards + Coaching
 you receive it all for one low monthly fee!
Delivers you every system and tool you need to run a profitable restaurant.
Every system, checklist and template you need to effective operate and market your restaurant.
Over 1000 downloadable tools, videos and done for you marketing campaigns.
$1997 Value
Your very own branded VIP Loyalty Rewards program.

Increase sales and drive traffic with our powerful loyalty rewards technology.
Includes communication with your customers via email, SMS Text and direct mail.
Automate campaigns such as Birthday, Anniversary, Rewards communication and more...

Social media tools that will grow your business!
Social Media Management
Social Contests
Social Deals
Social Analytics
Schedule Posts
Social Ideas & Sharable Content
Automate Your Social Media Today!

Monitor the most important review and social media websites 24/7 including review alerts. Respond to reviews and messages while they are fresh.
Create Custom Review Apps
Manage Online Reviews
Real-time Review Alerts
Spy on Your Competition
3 Things You Can Do Right Now 
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Learn how to consistently get a steady stream of new high profit customers to flock to your restaurant...day after day, month after month and year after year.

Three part series on restaurant marketing that will help you discover the real value of your guests, how to get a ton more of them with a true marketing system.

Three part series on restaurant marketing where you will learn how to get more new customers that pay what you want, how to get them to come back more often and refer other people to you. 
Proven Strategies for: 
  • Acquiring New Customers
  • Rewarding Loyal Customers​
  • ​Retaining ALL Your Customers
We take the labor-intensive back office tasks of
managing a customer loyalty program off your hands.

Utilizing cutting-edge database and web technology,
you can provide your customers with the service,
rewards, and benefits of an easy to use, professional
loyalty program previously available only to companies
with big budgets!

Why Are More and More Restaurants
Using Our Restaurant VIP Program?
…Because Hands Down Our Automated Loyalty Program Is The Single Most Effective Marketing Tool On The Planet!
At Restaurant Success System, we believe that every restaurant, no matter their size, should have access to the same marketing tools that the big chains use. 

Our goal is to make customer loyalty & rewards programs affordable to help small merchants get the maximum return on their marketing expenditures.
4 Ways Our Program Pays For Itself:
  • A return of up to $38.00 for every $1 you spend on the program
  • ​Loyalty Members spend twice as much as non-members
  • ​Rewards Members who redeem reward certificates spend four times more than members who haven’t earned a reward
  • ​Loyalty Members visit four times more often than non-members
 Top 10 All Time 
High Return
Restaurant Promotions
I have worked with THOUSANDS of Restaurants and I know what works!

This is a compilation of the "Best of The Best" Promotions I have ever seen. I share the ins and outs of these SUPER HIGH RETURN Promotions.
I want to give you one of the best tools I have ever created!
Success Jump Start Kit
I'm a passionate professional interested in helping more restaurant owners be successful than anyone has before me. 
I want to give you one of the best tools I have ever created!
  • Goal Setting Workshop
  • ​Business Success Assessment 
  • ​Strategic Planning Guide 
  • ​10 Restaurant Success Secrets Book 
  • ​8 Restaurant Marketing Mistakes Guide
  • ​Application to Automation 
  • ​Ultimate Time Management Tactics 
  • ​Online Downloadable Access 
  • ​One on One Coaching Call with Jonathan 
10 Success Secrets
The key traits and characteristics of restaurant owners achieving rapid business success!

The Secret to Success by Achieving More with Less. 
This book discusses breaking the conventional wisdom of advancement by using unconventional methods. You don’t have to go systematically step-by-step up the ladder.  

You can leapfrog into success and this book tells you how!
8 Marketing Mistakes
Most Restaurants Make!
A Step-by-Step Guide
How To Avoid The 8 MIstakes 
in Your Business
This report and coinciding special presentation reveals the 8 Marketing mistakes most business make. This is a step by step guide on how to avoid these mistakes and turbo charge your own marketing.
WHY? It’s because I can put my whole heart into you and working together will be a meaningful and useful experience that produces rapid results.
You’ve decided to open a restaurant...

You’re READY to Get Started.

You ARE successful, but you CRAVE a new vision to immerse yourself in and become fully realized…

You know you have what it takes and want build an exciting hotspot with unlimited profit potential.…
You’ve reached a ceiling…

You’re working in and not on your business…

You want to get paid for
“being” instead of “doing”
or “knowing”.

You’re READY to reignite your passion for what you do and who you did it for. It’s time to repackage and ELEVATE yourself and your brand…
You’ve got a business with MOMENTUM…

Your Organization is in
Motion. You’re READY to explode… but you don’t want
to blow up!

You need new strategies to give you leverage and amplification from someone who’s “been there”, “done that”.

Perhaps you’ve been missing the correct WHO and HOW…
Restaurant Success System was founded and created by Jonathan Munsell. He has spent the majority of his life somehow plugged into the restaurant business. It has been as a very active restaurant owner, coach and consultant. He has always been a huge advocate for the industry even served on the Board of Directors of The National Restaurant Association in North Carolina.

Restaurant Success System has articles, products and services to help Restaurant Owners and Restaurant Professionals Achieve Phenomenal Success measured by Higher Sales, Higher Profits, More Personal Freedom & Higher Quality of Life.

We have everything from restaurant business plans, marketing for restaurants, restaurant systems, restaurant operations tools, online and offline marketing for restaurants and a restaurant consultant network all available to help.
"No one is doing what I do with business owners, No where close to the level I do it at…NO ONE!" ~Jonathan Munsell
Check Out these Videos...
Pete Siviglia
Rutherfordton, NC
191 Prime
Christopher Saleh
Morrisville, NC
Neomonde Mediterranean Bakery Cafes
Greg Lewis
Cary, NC
Catering by Design
Had I Known... I Would Have Saved Over $3,500" ...
If I had known just one of the many powerful (yet simple) tools that Jonathan teaches back just last year, I would have saved over $3,500 just in paying a copywriter who didn't know how to write a restaurant business plan... not to mention the days I would have saved in pain, agony, and turmoil trying to get my plan in the right persons hands!

I have one recommendation for you. Follow in my footsteps and listen to every word Jonathan has to say and buy everything he offers. He is an extremely honest guy... and charges way, way less than he should.(In fact, if he takes my advice, his prices will be going up soon.) What you learn from Jonathan will save you untold hours…and even better, WILL put money in your bank account."
Stan Marin
Moe’s Southwest Grill
Raleigh, NC
“We have seen $8,000 to $10,000 in additional revenue each month.
I foresee even more growth in the coming months.”
I am a naturally motivated person, so after interacting with Jonathan I am ready to get to work to improve my business. I always feel like I know what to do, and where to go to improve my business after each call.

I have used Restaurant Success System as a blueprint for growth in my steakhouse. I have implemented many of the systems and strategies within their complete system, such as the rewards program, systems of checks to regulate performance, hire strategies, radio advertising, billboard leasing, and Facebook marketing. As a result of all of our efforts we have seen $8,000 to $10,000 in additional revenue each month. I foresee even more growth in the coming months.
Will Frost
Red River Steakhouses
Jay Henderson
Real Talent Hiring
Raleigh, NC
Terrific guy, really knows marketing
I am doing one on one coaching with Jonathan. One tip, while given with strong encouragement, has taken me from about 25% of the results I see to about 75% of the results I seek and not only that, but the increase is driving a whole new direction which will likely mean a 30% bump in revenue next year, plus more as time goes on. 

It's huge for me!

I have gained focus [critical to success], clarity, greater commitment to goals and plans. I have gained insight and strategies for growth that have been invaluable to me personally and professionally. Just knowing I am going to speak with Jonathan drives greater focus and action. His energy is infectious.

"Jonathan, Thank you for the spot on marketing advice you've given me. You truly have an uncanny way of pinpointing exactly what I need to do grow my business! I wish you worked right here in my office so I could pick your brain all day!"
Massive Catering Sales Growth
Jonathan, Thank you so much for taking the time to explain what it takes to run a great catering business. Your ability to stay organized while helping me generate massive sales growth is a great testament of how to run a business. At some point, I hope that I can establish the amount of passion and dedication that you show on a daily basis. Thank you once again for all your hard work and effort.
Christopher Ricks
Jason’s Deli
Raleigh & Durham, NC
“My Business Will Easily Double … Next Year”
Jonathan is not only bright, action-oriented, and one of the savviest business owners I know,but he is also fun to work with! I would conservatively estimate that his creative marketing ideas for my business will easily double the size of it next year. If you get a chance to work with him—take it!
Jackie Kelm
 Appreciative Living
Mount Pleasant, SC
What People Have to Say:
Mounir Saleh
Morrisville, NC
Neomonde Mediterranean Bakery Cafes
Sam Castillo
Waco, TX
La Fiesta Mexican Restaurants
Steve Vagasky
Raleigh, NC
My Chef Catering
It's a little known fact, Jonathan is a Stage 4 Cancer Survivor. HELL YEAH!!!
 He was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2012. He fought through one of the most intense and dangerous chemotherapy treatments prescribed and has been in remission for over 5 years. 
He lives everyday with a strong appreciation for life and giving back! 
He donates time and money every year to the two great causes above.
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